Inspiring Mobility Sound

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AVAS for Inspiring Mobility Sound

  • What is AVAS?

    - AVAS stands for Acoustic Vehicle Alert System
    - As Electric Vehicles are too quite for pedestrians to notice, AVAS is the system that generate virtual engine sound to get pedestrians alerted from approaching electric vehicles

  • Along with Mobility Audio’s virtual engine sound software algorithm, this one-chip solution helps OEMs/Tier1s develop the system easier and quick time to market in a cost effective way.

  • Available MCUs

    - ST Micro (SPCxxxx)
    - Infineon/Cypress(TraveoII)
    - Renesas (RH850)

VMS for Inspiring Mobility Sound

  • What is VMS?

    - VMS (Virtual Mobility Sound) Software.
    - VMS is the active sound design software to virtually generate mobility sound for drivers as an entertainment for fun driving.

  • VMS design tool also allows users to design tailored custom sound so that they can differentiate their own vehicles/mobility devices.

  • This algorithm uses multiple sound sources with pitch shift, multi-band EQ, mixer, modulator, and gain controller, and so on.

    Digital Cluster


    Mobile App

  • Mobility Audio’s VMS software can be running on Embedded processors in Digital Cluster/AVN, Audio DSPs in Car-Amp, and Mobile App