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Audio Software Tools

Audio & Speech Design & Tunning Platform

  • AMI Designer

    AMI Designer is an ‘open’ platform for optimized embedded Audio & Speech processing software. It is suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithms, from basic research to optimization and productization, Integration into end products.

    - Cross Platform: OS and Processor Agnostic
    - Showcase your innovation to customers instantly

    - Reduce significant development effort and cost
    - Faster Time to Market

    Supported platform: ADI Sharc/Blackfin DSPs, ARM Cortex-M4/7cores, ARM Cortex-A based SoCs, Qualcomm/NVidia SoCs, Intel x86 Devices


Graphical Interface: Graphical editor to create audio signal chain and generates optimized code depending on the Target


Repository of the Modules:  large library of Audio specific processing modules, more than 400 modules ex: EQs ,Crossovers, Virtualizers, Bass Boost, Speed EQs, Auto Duckers, Filters, Scalars, Mixers, Delays, Limiters, etc


Integrate Custom Modules development and 3rd Party Modules integration

Virtual Mobility Sound Design Tool

  • VMS Designer

    - Mobility Audio Sound Designer is the Tool for designing virtual sound of the Electric vehicles and other mobility devices.
    - VMS Designer is the tool for designing virtual sound of the electric vehicles and other mobility devices.
    - It includes various sound algorithms with various sound sources and combination of sound modules such as Multi-band Equalizers, Pitch Shift, Modulators, Mixers, etc to tailer your own bespoke sound for your vehicle and mobility devices.