Convenient Control by Voice

The Total Audio Software Solution Provider for Mobility

Voice UI

    - Up to 8 Far Field MIC Array for Speech Pre-processing
    - Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
    - Multi Channel Beam Former
    - Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)
    - Nonlinear Processing (NLP)
    - Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
    - Custom Wake Words and Commands

  • Mobility Audio/AMI Technology’s Convenient Control by Voice technology is accelerating the development of the Far Field Mic array solutions to improve automatic speech recognition (ASR) for natural Human-to-Machine hands free communications. Our best 2 Mic or 4 Mic Far filed array provided the flexibility of adopting the technology to any voice enabled devices.

    With the voice barge-in capabilities, user can control the device from 5 meters to 8 meters distance even in noisy environments while playing the sound.

  • Offline Trigger phrase or wake word integrated in our far field technology will activate the device to send the clean audio data to the cloud services like Google or Amazon etc .

- AEC : Acoustic Echo Cancellation
- ANR: Adaptive Noise Reduction
- NLP: Non-Linear Processing
- CNG: Comfort Noise Generator
- VAD: Voice Activation Detector
- DTD : Double Talk Detector

AI Based Noise Reduction

  • Noise Reduction to improve speech quality for hands free communications

    - Drastically improves the Wake word detection and voice commands
    - Preserve crystal clear voice/video calls in noisy environment
    - Our NN(Neural Network) can be trained and adopted to any kind of noisy environments and create custom models
    - Optimized solution for limited MIPS and memory foot print in DSP or Embedded Processors

  • Noise Reduction

    - Noise Reduced by around 30dB

  • Application Areas

    - Automotive
    - Smart Mobile / Home Devices
    - Video Conferencing devices
    - Bluetooth Headsets / Gaming Headsets

  • AI-based Noise Reduction examples/demos

    - Car Noise, Wind noise
    - Keyboard noise
    - Baby Crying noise
    - Siren Noise, Dog barking noise
    - Home Appliance noise
    - Traffic / Sub-way station noise