Entertainment with Immersive Audio

The Total Audio Software Solution Provider for Mobility

Vehicle Cabin -
‘Emerging Space For Immersive Audio Entertainment’

  • Vehicle is evolving to a living room on wheels

    - Driven by Autonomous Drive technology
    - Electric vehicle platform changes cabin form factor and allows much bigger space

  • AVN System & Car-Amplifier accommodates Immersive Audio entertainment

    - High Performance CPU/SoC on board in the AVN system
    - Built-in multi channel Audio system (16~32 speakers)
    - Telematics supports to play streaming AV contents (Netflix, Spotify)
    - Mobility Audio’s Audio Design Tool can support multiple 3D Immersive Algorithms – Dolby/DTS, VybON, Meridian Audio, etc

Home Entertainment System

Car Entertainment System

VybON for Immersive Audio Entertainment

QBS HD for Immersive Audio Entertainment

  • QBS HD Audio Suite

    - Speaker Response Correction Algorithm
    - Multi-band Graphic / Parametric Equalizer
    - Loudness Compensation
    - Dynamic Bass Booster
    - Virtual Surround Sound
    - Compressed Music Restoration (MP3 Enhancement)
    - Dialog Clarity
    - Auto Volume Equalizer
    - Headphone Virtualizer